PESEDIA: An Educative Social Network

Pesedia is an online social network gamified for educational and research purposes that includes: (i) the design and development of new metrics to analyze and quantify privacy risks; (ii) the application of methods to change users’ behavior regarding their privacy concerns; (iii) the implementation of new features to improve the management of users’ content; (iv) and the evaluation and testing of new proposals with real users.

Pesedia is the result of two research projects conducted at the GTI-IA research group. The first project is PESEDIA: Privacy in EDucative Social Environments during Childhood and Adolescence (TIN2014-55206-R). In this project the core of the Pesedia social network platform was developed. The second project is AI4PRI: Intelligent agents to advise on privacy in social networks (TIN2017-89156-R) that is focused on the development of agents that provide information to the user about the privacy risks that can potentially arise when they perform certain actions in the social network Pesedia.

Features of PESEDIA

Online Social Network environment

  • User's profiles, Groups, and Posts
  • Friendship request and management
  • Activity notification
  • Facebook-like newsfeed

Research on privacy tools

  • Reachability and Audience metrics
  • Trust measurement between users
  • Nudging mechanisms for aiding on privacy decisions



Children and adolescents use the PESEDIA social network with the advances developed after research to raise awareness about privacy and uses that diminish their future regrets in social networks.

A gamification environment was included in the PESEDIA social network to facilitate its use, learning, and engagement. This image shows the use of the social network during a workshop session.


PESEDIA: Privacy in Educational Social Contexts during the Childhood and Adolescence

The emergence of social networks, people have begun sharing private and personal information that is sensitive from being used by third parties without their knowledge. This situation has resulted in the need to manage much more accurately the information shared on these social networks... Read more
Ana Maria García-Fornes
Lead applicant

AI4PRI: Intelligent Agents for Privacy Advice in Social Networks

In this work we propose the design, development and evaluation of a multiagent system for social networks. This multiagent system will allow each user to have a personalized advisory agent, who recomends in his/her actions in social networks...
Read more
Estefanía Argente Villaplana
Lead applicant

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